Is Having a Cat Bed or Cat House Good for your Cat?
How to Make a Cat Bed

Is Having a Cat Bed or Cat House Good for your Cat?

Many cat lovers do not take their cats as just pets but as a member of their family. Cats are charming animals, playful and affectionate. They give us not just friendship but also companionship. So, it’s natural that we want to keep our feline pals happy and healthy. It’s known that there are cats that can sleep for up to 18 hours a day. So, picking the right cat bed is quite significant. It’s also known that most cats like to take a nap in many different areas of the house. Therefore, giving your feline pals their places may stop this, and they will stay in their cat bed.

Some cats like sleeping on a chair or sofa. Therefore, you’ve to put a blanket on the chair or sofa to prevent their loose fur from falling on them. At least, this will avoid you having to remove the fur from the furniture and keep your cat happy.

Most cats also like to sleep in cozy and warm places, and they’ll hop on your bed to sleep in. Providing them with their warming cat bed may avoid this. Both you and your cat will then get to have a peaceful sleep.

It’s at times difficult to choose between various designs, colors, styles, and quality. There are many choices such as bumper bed, bolster bed, raised bed, calming bed, igloo bed, marshmallow bed, blankets, and others. Both bumper and bolster beds have raised sides that help to make your cat feel safe and secure. Some cats prefer the raised bumper and raised bolster beds because they feel more secure while sleeping in a higher place. The size of the bed is also important. Most of the time, after your cat’s nap, it will need to do its usual cat stretching out and turning around. If it’s unable to do that, it will not sleep in it again. Other than that, do not get a bed that is too big, as your cat will not have that secure feeling.

The cat bed you have chosen should be placed at a place where your cat will feel safe, secure, and comfortable. Your cat will get familiar with its new bed fairly quickly and sleep or nap there every time. Besides, placing the bed at the place where they usually sleep will help encourage them to use its new bed more often. Placing its favorite toy in the bed may also help. Be mindful that cats respond to praise, so do the needy when your cat sleeps in its bed.
Another point to note when buying a bed for cat is to find one that is washable. As cats usually shed quite a bit of fur, this will help keep cat fur in your house under control.

As a closing remark, buying a cat bed for your feline pal comes with a win-win situation for both you and your cat.

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