Best Cat Litter Mat: Its 2-layer Mat Help Traps Litter Effectively!


Buy the Best Cat Litter Mat at $10 OFF! Its 2-layer honeycomb mats help trap litter & avoid scattering them on the floor. Free Shipping Worldwide.

L 55x70cm Foldable
L 55x70cm Foldable
M 46x60cm
M 46x60cm
M 46x60cm Foldable
M 46x60cm Foldable
S 40x50cm
S 40x50cm
XS 30x45cm
XS 30x45cm
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Best Cat Litter Mat: Its 2-layer Mat Help Traps Litter Effectively!

Tired of cleaning up messy cat litter scattered on the floor? You’re in luck! The Best Cat Litter Mat will be your assistant in making your life easier! It is a waterproof litter trap that is gentle on your cat’s paws.

Litter Trap: The double-layer honeycomb design of the mat is designed to catch litter, preventing it from scattering all over the floor. The mat can collect large amounts of litter and works well with various types of litter boxes.

Waterproof and Easy to Clean: The bottom layer is waterproof and slip-resistant. Easy to wash with a hose or a vacuum and dries quickly. Prevent your floors and carpets from urine stains and dirt.

Gentle on Paws: Very gentle and safe for sensitive cat paws. The mat is even comfortable enough for cats to nap on!

Durable: Made from super soft and non-toxic EVA material. This litter trapper mat is wear-resistant and will surely last for a long time.

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Double Layer Cat Litter Mat Features:

  • EVA material, super light, and easy to carry.
  • For messy cats, be sure to use cat pads as they soak excessive urine.
  • A super-smooth surface doesn’t hurt cat paws.
  • Easy cleaning under sink head, shower head, shake off or hose down.

Type: Cat
Material: PU
Size XS: 30 x 45 cm
            S: 40 x 50 cm
           M: 46 x 60 cm
       M-F: 46 x 60 cm Foldable Mat
            L: 55 x 70 cm Foldable Mat

Package includes: 1 x trapper mat 

Best Cat Litter Mat - Avanti-eStore
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