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A Puzzle Feeder can Avoid Your Cat Sleeps on Your Bed

How to Avoid Your Cat Sleep on Your Bed

How to Avoid Your Cat Sleep on Your Bed

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A survey done by the American Pet Products Association revealed that some 62 percent of American cat owners allow their cat sleep on their beds.

Benefits of Having a Cat

Cat provides not only friendship but also companionship. Nestling with your cat in your bed can be very comforting. There were studies to show that having a cat tends to lower blood pressure. It, in turn, reduces the risk of stroke and cardiovascular disease.

However, sleeping under the same cover as your cat isn’t right for all cat owners. If you are asthmatic or allergic to cat fur, it’s best not to let your cat sleep in your bedroom. All the more, on your bed.

Also, some cats may like to hop on and off the bed or meowing away most of the time. In some cases,  they may hog the cover and disturbing your sleep, and it’s best to keep the bed to yourself.

Mayo Clinic Study on Disturbances Due to Cat Sleep on their Beds

Mayo Clinic has conducted a recent study and found that over half of their patients who came for consultations at its sleep clinic were pet owners whose sleep was disturbed by their pets. Based on the study, 41% of the sleep-deprived pet owners disclosed that the disturbances were due to their pets sharing their bed. In comparison, 58% disclosed that it was due to their respective cat sleep in the same room, which caused problems due to pet owners’ snoring and other interruptions.

You’ll feel lethargic the next morning if you didn’t get enough sleep the night before. It slows down your reflexes and issues such as losing focus arises. As a result, you’ll be unable to make a fast decision during an emergency. It is a major contribution to automobile accidents.

If you feel that it’s high time to decide that your bedroom is a no-cat sleeping zone, doing so will need a great deal of effort — it’s known that cats dislike giving up their territory — but you can reverse it.

How to Help Your Cat Adapt without Sharing Your Bed

There is one good way to help your cat adapt to spending the night without sharing your bed. That is to give your cat something else to do at night using a cat puzzle feeder.

Cats are nocturnal, so try keeping them occupied with a puzzle feeder for cats. Alternatively, put up a cat tree or a window perch over-looking an outdoor light. This way, they can while away the night hours looking at insects buzzing around.

If you feel that your cat is meowing away at night because of hunger, consider buying an automatic cat feeder.

Please bear in mind that when you change your cat’s routine, it’s necessary to stick with it. It may take quite some time for your feline pal to get used to the new routine — and will stop meowing and scratching outside your bedroom door — but when your cat finds that there will be no reward for such behavior, it will just go elsewhere to spend the nights.

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