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Silicone Baking Mat

How to Use Silicone Baking Mat

A silicone baking mat is normally placed between baking sheets or anything you’re baking. You can use it as a substitute for pan-greasing or baking sheets. If you’re baking some treats that are sticky or messy, knowing how to use the mat can help.

The mat can help avoid getting your baking sheet in a mess. It’ll make for a much easier and faster cleaning-up when you’ve finished baking. This is why master chefs often use baking mats.

There are certainly cases where the silicone mat comes in handier than parchment sheets, cooking spray, or other ways to prevent food from sticking to pans.

Silicone Baking Mat– How to Use

You might be thinking if you could use silicone mats in the same manner that you would use parchment paper or cooking spray. Can they substitute for each other?

You can use silicone baking mats the same way for either of these.

The Things to Know Why Buying One

One thing you should be aware of is that whilst the silicone mats are generally safe for baking with, there may be some that may contain toxic material. It certainly sounds scary but it’s unintentional, so this is something you ought to remember when making a purchase.

Not all companies produce their silicone mats with the same types of materials, as some might use fillers to keep production costs down. The use of silicone baking mats is becoming increasingly trendy in many kitchens. So, it makes sense that lots of companies would jump on the bandwagon and make their version of the silicone mats.

Unfortunately, not all of them stick to the same quality levels when producing the mats, as some might use lower quality fillers in their mats. Some of these fillers could leach out to the air or the treats when the mat is being heated. You should be aware of that and only use eco-friendly silicone mats that come with FDA certification in your baking.

How to Use a Baking Mat for Baking

If you need to bake with a silicone mat, there is one thing you need to know so it’ll make it work just a bit better for you. You can use the baking mat by itself which usually produces good results, but at times treats will stick to it. If you don’t want that to happen, simply place the mat on the baking pan and spray it with some cooking spray.

This may appear an unnecessary waste of cooking spray, but it’s a good way to ensure that the treats don’t stick to the mat. It’ll make cleaning much easier when you’re done with baking.

A good way to use a silicone baking mat is to use it as a pan liner. Simply line any baking tray or cooking sheet with the mat. Though cooking spray may not be needed, its use will help reduce any mess and facilitate easy cleaning up. Remember, you’re going to use the silicone mat many times, so why not make things easy for you and use some cooking spray?

Knowing how to use a silicone baking mat the right way will make things a lot easier for you in the kitchen. It’s recommended to use the mat if you’re preparing plenty of treats and wouldn’t want to create a big mess to clean up later on. The silicone baking mat can lessen the mess for you and ensure that you don’t need to spend lots of time tidying up post-baking.

Baking mats of varying sizes or thickness come with different advantages and effectiveness. For instance, some are also designed to be more non-stick than others, cutting down the need to use cooking spray altogether.

How to Use a Baking Mat with an Ironing Board

Are you aware that the silicone baking mat has other uses than just for baking? It’s also found to be very useful for ironing clothes. This is one of those little functionalities that many people will love.

Here’s how you can use a silicone baking mat to iron your clothes. First, place the baking mat on the ironing board or the ironing board cover. Then, place your clothes on top of it and start ironing as usual. You don’t have to do anything differently other than placing them on an ironing board. So, how does the baking mat help in ironing clothes?

What it does is reflect the heat from the back of the iron through the clothes. This allows you to iron clothes neater and faster. You also need lesser starch and other small helpful methods people often apply in ironing. You can also iron your clothes more efficiently and they’ll come up better pressed.

Should You Be Buying One?

There’s no doubt about the versatility of a silicone baking mat and how it can help you accomplished baking tasks more efficiently and keep your mess at an absolute minimum. It is well worth buying one considering the convenience you’ll get using it and the mess it’ll spare you over time.

Though a silicone baking mat costs more than parchment paper, you can keep using it umpteen times. Rather than keep replenishing new packs of parchment paper every time it runs out, you can use the same silicone mat for many years to come.

This is great small cookware for your kitchen, that’s also eco-friendly. Every homemaker should have a few silicone baking mats in their kitchen. These come in handy when you decide to bake a few different treats at the same time.

You’ll surely be appreciative of how little post-baking mess you need to clean up and how smoothly the baking goes. Besides, it’s also super easy to remove brownies, cookies, and other baked treats off the silicone baking mat after they are done. They come off so easily and fast, as well as hardly leaving any mess behind. You’ll surely wonder why you didn’t use one before. 

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