Magical Car Ice Scraper


Buy Magical Car Ice Scraper at $5 OFF! It’s of duo action and makes ice-scraping off the car windscreen so easy and fast! Free Shipping Worldwide.

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Magical Car Ice Scraper

Give Your family a Magical Car Ice Scraper that is a practical and useful item this winter.  It will make ice-scraping off the windscreen car so much easier and faster!

This magic ice scraper is designed with duo scraping action for super-efficient scraping. Clearing frozen windows 3 times faster than the regular ice scraper!

Very easy grasp for efficient ice-scraping! It’s an ice-scraping wonder. It’s easily the best car ice scraper available!

Shop Now For the windshield ice scraper at $5 OFF! FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE. 


Magic Car Ice Scraper Features:

Cone-shaped ice scraper – Remove the hardest, frozen frost from your car windows with ease, yet it will not scratch the glasses

Three times more efficient than the regular ice scraper.

Simply remove ice/snow in any direction/circles in seconds.

Extra-wide side – to cover more area for scraping/snow removal.

Spikes side – Ice-breaker Tap the Spikes side on the ice, and it’ll easily break away.

Easy grasp & usage

Can be used as an oil funnel.

A multi-functional product that can be applied to outdoor survival.


  • Material: ABS
  • Size: 14.5 x 10.5 cm / 5.71” * 4.13 ”
  • Shape: Cone
  • Color: Black / blue / red/ green

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Cone-Shaped Windshield Ice ScraperMagical Car Ice Scraper - Avanti-eStoreMagical Car Ice Scraper - Avanti-eStoreMagical Car Ice Scraper - Avanti-eStoreMagical Car Ice Scraper - Avanti-eStoreMagical Car Ice Scraper - Avanti-eStore

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