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Vegetable Spiralizer

An innovative design that can prepare all types of fruits and vegetables into a spiral form, putting the fun back into preparing food with the Vegetable Spiralizer.

Vegetable Spiralizer - Avanti-eStore
Say goodbye to serving plain-looking fruits and vegetables with your spiralizer or twister cutter! This spiralizer makes appetizing spirals out of apples, bananas, and more. Perfect for the family that loves fun and healthy eating!
Vegetable Spiralizer - Avanti-eStore

Vegetable Spiralizer Features:

Make food looks appetizing. The spiralizer not only makes preparing fries and veggies fun it also makes them look appetizing. Perfect for making picky eaters wanting more!

Vegetable Spiralizer - Avanti-eStore
Easy to use. Simply cut off the top and bottom of the fruit or vegetable then plug the tip of the twister cutter into the center. Simply turn clockwise as the ring blades go in. When the spiraling is done, push it out or cut open the veggie or fruit.
Vegetable Spiralizer - Avanti-eStore

Waste-free kitchen. It can also make spiral shapes out of fruit and veggie peels! Great for recycling those nutritious parts for creative recipes instead of throwing them to waste!

Vegetable Spiralizer - Avanti-eStore
Long-lasting. Made stainless steel that is anti-rust, anti-oxidation, and everlasting.


  • Cut off the top and bottom of the fruit or vegetable to make it cylindrical.
  • Plug the tip of the spiralizer in the center, and simply turn it clockwise as the ring blades progress in.
  • Lastly, when the spiral pulp is formed, simply push it out or cut open the veggie or fruit skin.
Built to last. Crafted out of top-quality, highly-durable stainless steel that is anti-rust and anti-oxidation. On top of being easy to clean, this makes it ready to use every day. HOW TO USE : Remove the top and bottom of the fruit or vegetable to make it like a pillar shape Plug the tip of the pulp roller in the middle, and gently spin it in one direction as the ring blade goes deeper Finally, when it penetrates the spiral pulp is made, and you can either push it out or cut the fruit skin and take it

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Vegetable Spiralizer Features:

Fruit & Vegetable Tools Type: Garnishes
Certification: CQI
Model Number: 726
Feature: Eco-Friendly
Material: ABS+Stainless Steel
Type: Fruit & Vegetable Tool

Vegetable Spiralizer - Avanti-eStoreVegetable Spiralizer - Avanti-eStoreVegetable Spiralizer - Avanti-eStore

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