Ten Signs to Tell if Your Workout is Working for You
Ten Signs to Tell if Your Workout is Working for You

Ten Signs to Tell if Your Workout is Working for You

Sometimes progress isn’t as noticeable as you would like it to be. You may not see any physical changes or even experience bodily aches. So, it’s sometimes hard to tell if you’re achieving progress in your workout routine. Progress, by far, is a good motivation factor behind a successful workout routine. Many people work out due to them wanting to achieve a specific goal. For instance, lose weight, toning up, get stronger, or be healthier.

So, it’s highly necessary to have some yardstick for yourself to know if you’re progressing towards your goal. Despite that, you’ve been consistent with your exercising routine but not seeing any changes. Some signs will help you find out what is working and what is not.

Seeing positive signs from your workout routine is a great help in your fitness progress. If your workout routine isn’t achieving the goals you want and you’re not losing weight, but you keep experiencing the full impact from your workout through aches and pains, then your body may be telling you something isn’t right.

1. The adage “no pain, no gain” isn’t a good measure
You’ll be pleased to know that “no pain, no gain” isn’t a good measure to track your progress. Of course, it’s significant to listen to your body, especially if you have a medical condition, and you experience muscles ache and tendon pains, then this is a warning sign that things may not be right with your workout routine. One glaring reason is that you’ve been overdoing it! Working out rigorously without giving enough time for your body to recuperate and repair could lead to muscles ache and reduced performance. So, you’ll need to reduce your workout intensity to a level that you don’t experience the negative aspects of it – you are on the right track.

2. You’ve not peaked
If you’ve been on a workout routine for months and you’re still setting new goals, then this could be the right workout for you. But as you keep engaging in more of the same type of exercises, you’ll feel like you’ve peaked. It’s because both your body and brain adapt to the routine, though it doesn’t quite mean that you’ve peaked. You’ll need to consider increasing the intensity or duration of your workout instead of switching to some other workout routine.

3. You’re still full of energy
If you’re someone at the gym who still have a high energy level, even after your most rigorous workout routine, it shows that your workout is working and your body and mind are responding positively. Regularly working out increases energy levels rather than reducing it.

4. You’re achieving workout goals
If you’re still achieving personal goals and feeling that you could do better, then this workout routine is right for you. Stick to it and keep going, no need to change anything.

5. Your metabolism is at optimum levels
Metabolic rates aren’t equal for everyone. But one great thing about the workout is that you can eat a big-serving of rich fat food a few times each week and yet not having any noticeable weight gain.
If your workout isn’t achieving the weight loss goals you desire, then tweak your workout routine at a steady and achievable pace. Don’t try to ramp up things as this could cause bodily pain and injures.

6. Keep you motivated
When you feel like pushing you, even more, you’ve found a sweet spot in your workout. It’s a game-changer in most workout routines when it becomes less of a chore and more of a recreational hobby.

Sure, there may be instances where it’s easier to get started than others, but when you find that workout regime that is right for your body, the workout magically becomes fun.

Progress may not be noticeable at times. So, the next time you feel like you lack progress, look for those tiny signs in your workout routine that are working to re-motivate you.

7. You can lift heavier weight for the same number of repetitions
If the weighs you’ve been lifting for the same number of repetitions and noticed that it seems lighter over time. It shows that your muscular endurance is increasing. You know you’re making progress when you either get more repetitions or use a heavier weight for the same number of repetitions.

8. Your old jeans fit better now
Clothing can be a great yardstick to track your progress, more specifically, your trusty, beloved pair of old jeans.

Over time, if you gained 10 pounds of muscle and burned off 10 pounds of fat, the weighing scale will show the same, but your body will look and feel remarkably different. Regardless of what the weighing scale reads, if your old jeans that were not able to button up before were now able to button up, you know you’ve made progress.

9. Your craving for unhealthy food dwindles
When you link your hard work at the gym with some healthy thoughts in the kitchen, you’ll find yourself eating and looking healthy. Over time, you’ll also find a vast decrease in your desire for doughnuts, cookies, carbonated drinks, and other junk food. Nevertheless, it isn’t that you’ll never touch a cookie or a treat ever again, but you’ll be less inclined towards processed sugar and caffeinated drinks daily.

10. You need a shorter time to rest in between sets
When you find that you need a shorter time to rest in between sets, it’s time to turn up your game. One factor many gym-goers failed to realize is the amount of time they are resting in between sets. If you’re getting the same amount of workout done in less time, that’s a sign of good fitness progress.

Let say, if you need two minutes rest in between sets using the same weight and number of repetitions, and you’ve cut that rest time down to a minute, you’ve made an appreciable improvement in your workout quality and show progress in your recovery and fitness.

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