Best Electric Wine Opener: It Helps Open Wine Bottle Easily!


Buy an Electric Wine Opener at $10 OFF! It’s the best way to enjoy a glass of wine when you can open its bottle easily with the opener. Free Shipping Worldwide.

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Having a Good Electric Wine Opener is Essential for Every Household

For most people worldwide, having a glass of wine after a hard day’s work is one of life’s greatest enjoyment.  But first, you need to get the wine bottle opened. In most cases, people like me will take having one or a corkscrew for granted.  The wine opener could be sitting in your cutlery drawer, but chances are it is already obsolete in today’s world, and you’ll still have to go through some effort in using it to get your wine bottle opened. In today’s modern living, what better way to enjoy a glass of wine when you can open its bottle effortlessly with an Electric Wine Opener.

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Electric Wine Opener Features:

Easy Storage – Lightweight, compact, cordless design can be stored easily when not in use. You can also put it in your wine and liquor display cupboard to impress your guests.

Wine Opener - Avanti-eStore

Easy Usage: Simple push-button operation, open a wine bottle easily. Removes the cork in seconds without damaging it, allowing you more time with your guests and families rather than spending more time struggling with the cork without the opener.

Wine Opener - Avanti-eStore

Elegant Design: Attractive blue LED display light will light up when the wine opener is either charged or used. Elegant design brushed stainless steel housing with a transparent shell making it unique.

Wine Opener - Avanti-eStore

An Ideal Gift – It’s a great gift for any occasion: Birthday, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Graduation, etc. The elaborate design of the wine opener also makes it an ideal gift for wine lovers and drinkers.

Model Number: F290022
Type: Opener
Openers Type: Red Wine
Feature: Stocked
Metal Type: ABS
Product name: Automatic Bottle Opener
Color: Black/Red
Use: Home/Party/Restaurant/Outdoor
Feature 1: Wine Opener
                2: Christmas gifts
                3: Valentine’s Day present
                4: Kitchen accessories
                5: Kitchen Tool
                6: Automatic Red Wine Bottle Opener
                7: Wine cork
                8: Electric wine bottle opener
                9: Kitchen Gadgets

Electric Wine Opener - Avanti-eStore

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